Friday, May 11, 2007

The song "A Higher Place" came into being on a dull, dreary, day in January, 2007. I had also been suffering with lower back pain for many months. My prayer that morning asked God to "Lift me higher, so that I may see your face and experience your healing touch." After that, the words flowed quite easily. "Lift me higher, Lord--I long to see your face. Lift me higher, Lord--above this earthly place."

I had written spiritual songs before, but I somehow sensed in my Spirit that this one was special. Now, I want you to know that God has a great sense of humor. He knows that I cannot write one note of music, so I must find others to help me. This I know, is to prevent me from getting too proud. Here I am then, with words and melody going through my brain, without the ability of getting them down on paper. First of all, my friend Lyn comes to the rescue. She has me sing the song into the mike attached somehow (I know not how) to her computer. She then sends this recording to me attached to an e-mail. I am then able to forward it to my nephew's wife Robin, who is able to write out the chords to the melody. My friend Cindy kindly offered to play the melody on the piano, and I sang it for the ladies at our Wednesday morning Bible study at church. Next, I forwarded the e-mail to Brent, the musically talented son of Elaine, a pastor's wife that I had known years earlier, and now enjoyed seeing again regularly for Bible study. Brent had the capability to listen to the melody and create sheet music from it.

Once I had the sheet music in my hands, I could give out copies to all my musical friends and other contacts. I have always believed that "When God opens a door, no man can close it."

I am thrilled to tell you that this Sunday, Mother's Day 2007, Cindy will be singing "A Higher Place" in our church service, accompanied by another woman playing the flute. Praise the Lord! God is good!